FWP 2013-14 Wolf Season – Proposed

By | June 20, 2013

FWP has issued its proposed changes for the 2013-14 wolf season.  Here are some highlights…

  • FWP proposes opening the general rifle season in all HD’s and WMU’s on September 15 and extending the general rifle season close to March 31.
  • The wolf archery season would open with the deer/elk archery season on September 7 and close on September 14, the day prior to the rifle opener.
  • The proposed bag limit would be increased to 5 wolves per person in any combination of wolves taken by hunting or trapping.
  • Hunters would be allowed to hunt and take wolves over bait placed to trap wolves, during the trapping season (12/15 – 2/28). The change is proposed to allow trappers to harvest wolves spotted on their trap line, without the concern regarding the presence of bait at some sets.

There is more.  You can get all the information and make public comment by going to this FWP website.  All public comments are due by 5PM on June 24th.  

There is still a quota of 2 wolf kills in place for the North Fork. 

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