Forest Service law enforcement investigating human-caused fire starts

By | July 19, 2013

Human-caused wildfires can have devastating impacts unnecessarily destroying our natural resources, putting the public and our firefighters in danger, destroying homes and habitat, and costing taxpayers millions every year. Nation-wide, more than 75,000 wildfires are reported each year. About nine out of ten fires are caused by people. As Smokey Bear reminds us, only you can prevent this from happening.

There have already been more than a dozen human-caused fire starts on the Flathead National Forest. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers are investigating these fires. There are stiff fines and the possibility of jail time for being careless with your campfires, cigarettes and other ignition sources.

We ask that all forest users be extra careful to fully extinguish any campfire or cooking fire.

1) Never leave a campfire unattended, and be sure it is “dead out” before leaving the area.
2) Have a bucket and shovel handy when having a campfire.
3) Cigarette smokers should smoke on bare ground or soil (not in or near vegetation) and pack out their cigarette butts.
4) Fireworks are prohibited in all national forests, national parks, state lands, and all private land the state identifies as classified forest land.

For more information about wildland fire education and prevention, please visit or contact a local office of the Flathead National Forest.

Hungry Horse Ranger District 387-3800
Swan Lake Ranger District 837-7500
Tally Lake Ranger District 758-5204
Spotted Bear Ranger District 758-5376

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