Forecasters Discuss Flood Potential as Melting Begins

By | May 4, 2017

Jessica Watson, Matt Escovar and Otis sit by the Flathead River at River’s Edge Park in Columbia Falls on Wednesday. (Aaric Bryan/Daily Inter Lake)

The Daily Inter Lake reports that the National Weather Service on Wednesday warned that saturated soils, substantial high-elevation snowpack and possible rains in the coming week could lead to localized flooding in rivers and creeks throughout Northwest Montana.

The region has seen some of the highest levels of precipitation in recent months, and last month was Kalispell’s second-rainiest April on record. Weather Service hydrologist Ray Nickless said Wednesday that the current water year, which started last October, is on pace to be the wettest since record-keeping began in 1899.

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Get more information about the potential for flooding in our area from NOAA’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services. As you can see, the potential for flooding in our area has gone up lately.

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