Flathead Fire Lookout of the Week

By | May 1, 2016

Thoma LookoutThe Flathead National Forest Facebook page says… Thank you for joining us on Flathead Fire Lookout of the Week, as we visited the 12 active lookouts on our forest. We are very proud of our lookout program here. It ranges from the highest location at 8284’ at Jumbo Lookout to the lowest 4550’ at Cooney Lookout. We have lookouts which are several days hike to reach, like Mud Lake Lookout, and others you can almost drive to, like Cyclone Lookout. Two of our lookouts are in the cabin rental program, Hornet and Mission Lookout – ready for you to rent and live the lookout lifestyle for a few days, see the link below. Hornet Lookout is also the oldest standing lookout in the Northern Region, the only one of its design in the west, and it has a replica built at the Missoula Smokejumper Center., see the pics. One of our lookouts, Thoma Lookout, has even been featured in a movie! Also, the people who support the lookout program are equally wonderful, from the employees who help staff and maintain the lookouts each summer, to the dedicated volunteers, including the Northwest Montana Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association, who have completed restoration and maintenance projects, and those who do volunteer staffing. Seven of the twelve lookouts are full staffed every summer, with the others staffed as needed. Here’s to the Flathead National Forest Fire Lookouts!

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