Fire Update – Monday Morning at 8:00AM

By | September 7, 2015

Quick Notes:

All travel restrictions on U.S. Highway 2 related to the fires have been lifted. Motorists are cautioned to still drive carefully because fire traffic are still using this route for rehabilitation efforts. 

Stage I Fire Restrictions are in effect for Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest, except wilderness areas. Stage I Restrictions allow for campfires only in designated fire rings. All fire restrictions have been dropped in the Flathead National Forest Wilderness areas.

There are fires all around, but none threatening the North Fork right now. The NRCC map is interesting, however.

Fire Map

Kootenai National Forest

Northeast Kootenai Complex Inciweb link (includes the Marston fire)
Fire Information Line: (406) 882-8308
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Northest Kootenai Complex – Marston Fire Update – September 6, 2015
The Northeast Kootenai Complex – Rain continued to fall yesterday on the Marston Fire with totals ranging from .60 to .70 inches across the area. The danger to houses has been reduced but the possibility for structures to be threatened remains if the weather warms and dries as the eastern flank of the fire has no containment lines. The large fuel moistures are still critically low. The fire behavior continues to show minimal creeping.

The fire continues to slowly back toward indirect fire line, although very little movement is expected. Hand crews are limited in number and cannot safely use direct line construction on many portions of the Marston Fire due to steep, heavily timbered slopes and rock screes. The overall plan is to use mechanized fuel break on gentle terrain as an indirect line and blacken the edge as the main fire comes close. This will provide the safest way to protect structures, firefighting personnel, and the associated resources. A dry and cold air mass behind yesterday’s low pressure will continue the possibility of scattered rain showers. Conditions will start to warm and dry out under clearing skies by afternoon. Light winds return and the drier, warming conditions are expected to continue Monday.

The Marston Fire is being supported by 1- Type 2 helicopter, 2- Type 1 Crews, 2- Type 2 Crews and miscellaneous personnel for a total of 157 fire personnel and support on the fire.

A new Fire Area Closure Order has replaced Marston Fire Area Closure Order # D03-067-S-15, reducing the area restricted for public use. The Closure Order in effect now allows public access Murphy Lake and Campground. All other lands, roads and trails previously closed, remain closed for public safety. Please see NE Kootenai Complex on InciWeb at: for a full list of trails and roads affected by this closure.

Glacier National Park

Thompson Divide Complex Inciweb link
Thompson-Divide Complex Daily Fact Sheet Sept. 7, 8:00 AM – FINAL
Fire Information: (406) 387-4854/ (406) 314-1669, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Fire Complex Completed: 72% Injuries: 1 Structures Lost: None
Resources – Total Personnel: 87 Engines: 2
Update: The Thompson-Divide Complex received more than an inch of rain in some areas over the past two days and some snow at elevations above 6,000 ft. Today temperatures will be 50-60. There is a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms. Weather is predicted to return to average temperatures and begin drying mid-week. Smoke from interior hot spots and burning logs may be seen during the week as fuels dry.
Crews will complete hand rehabilitation and remove protective wrap from cabins today. Fires will be monitored for any activity near the perimeters of the Sheep and Granite Fires. Management of the Thompson-Divide Complex is transferring from the Northern Rockies Type II IMT to a local Type 4 team on Monday, Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. The Type 4 team will be located at the Hungry Horse Ranger Station and will continue to monitor all three fires for any fire activity and complete needed rehabilitation.
Thompson Fire in particular
Approximate Size: 18,847 acres Structures Lost: None

News stories from the papers (newest are on top)

Get more information about fire conditions on our Weather, road, and more page.


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3 thoughts on “Fire Update – Monday Morning at 8:00AM

  1. Rich Jones

    Patty, your 28Aug2015 quote from inciweb on the Northeast Kootenai Complex makes little sense. Hungry Horse Ranger District is in the Flathead NF, southeast of West Glacier, for gosh sake. The Marston fire is in Kootenai National Forest and may jump into Flathead National Forest/Glacier View Ranger District, not 40 miles south in HHRD. I will email them to ask for accurate, dependable information to be posted in their announcements. The same goes for their comment a few days ago about “restricted” road “cuz there’s a fire up there.” Here’s a link to the USFS map of the forests and districts near us:

    1. NFNews Editor Post author

      Rich, thank you for the information. I think what might have happened was we accidentally cut-and-pasted information from the Thompson fire into the Kooteniai portion of the post. We’ll work harder to make certain that we get it correct. We always include the links to the original sources and strongly encourage everyone to check those out, especially the links on Inciweb. If you’re ever confused about what you see on the website, please check out the original sources. We also always include the official contact information email and phone lines and encourage people to call those folks if there are any questions or concerns. And please let us know if you see any other mistakes. We appreciate the help.

  2. NFNews Editor Post author

    Here’s a nice note we received this morning from Katie Knotek of the Forest Service…

    I’m glad the information we are providing is helpful. We understand the nervousness and fears of residents in the North Fork Valley and want to try to address and relieve those fears the best that we can, especially since there isn’t currently an imminent threat to the North Fork Valley from the Marston Fire. I did take a look at your website both yesterday and today. I really appreciate the information that you posted today. I appreciate you sharing our information and doing so accurately! We wouldn’t be successful at what we do without local community members like you helping us out. Feel free to email me or give a call on our Fire Information Line if you want to talk with me directly. Thanks again!


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