Fire Up Red Meadow

By | September 9, 2019

10:00AM Monday – From Andy Huntsberger …

A quick update on the fires up Red Meadow:

-Red Meadow Fire is approximately 10 acres. Most of the growth was 9/5-6. Since Friday the area has received over 1’’ of rain. The attached picture was taken yesterday, not much fire activity.

-Red Meadow #2 Fire – NO ACTIVITY or growth.

This will be the last update unless something drastically changes.

7:00 AM Friday – Here’s a report from Bill Walker…

Aerial reconnaissance spotted a second Red Meadow Fire yesterday. That blaze is only about 1/10 of an acre and is not presently visible from the ground. Red Meadow Fire #2 is a little under 2 miles southwest of the larger fire initially reported Wednesday. The Forest Service is continuing to monitor both fires. The wet weather expected over the next few days makes it unlikely that either fire will pose a threat.

Red meadow Road remains open. Fire information is posted at both ends of the road and, I’m told, also at the Polebridge Mercantile.

4:00PM Thursday – Here’s a report from Bill Walker…

I took a little drive this afternoon to look at the Red Meadow Fire. The Forest Service has a crew on-site keeping an eye on things (an engine and a pickup truck) and they’ve posted informational signage at both ends of Red Meadow Road. I got some photos. It looks like the fire is still just skunking around a little below the ridgetop…

Red Meadow Fire | photo by Bill WalkerRed Meadow Fire | photo by Bill Walker

8:00 AM Thursday… Molly sent along the following from Andy Huntsberger Fire Management Officer (Division 6)…

I thought I would pass this information along regarding a new start in the Red Meadow Creek drainage.  It is the Red Meadow Fire.  As it states below we will be monitoring/managing this fire.  Due to fuel conditions, time of year and location we felt this fire was a good candidate to manage and and not suppress.  The fire is currently estimated at about 2 acres.

Then Andy attached an email from Engine Captain Todd Hannan that said…

We have a new fire on the Glacier View Ranger District today. The Red Meadow Fire is burning on the upper 1/3 of the ridge that separates Moose Creek and Red Meadow Creek drainages (Lat./Long. N 48º 48.69 W 114º 26.97). The fire is currently an estimated 1 acre in size and creeping/smoldering with isolated single tree torching. We will be managing this fire, and evaluating potential road, trail, and area closures if fire growth or activity warrants.

We will be posting signs in the North Fork area tomorrow. I attached a screenshot of the map and photo of the fire taken from Thoma LO.

WildCad said that the cause of this fire was lightening.

Red Meadow Fire

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