2016 Fire Lookout of the Week: Cyclone

By | January 24, 2016

Cyclone Lookout in the snowThe Flathead National Forest Facebook page says… Welcome to Fire Lookout of the Week! The Flathead National Forest has a great fire lookout program, let’s start learning about them. Lookouts are located at high elevations, on mountain tops, and are used to spot smoke from wildfires. Information about the fire and weather is then radioed to firefighters. Week 1: Cyclone Lookout

Cyclone Lookout is located on the Glacier View Ranger District, at 6031 feet elevation, in the North Fork of the Flathead River area. It has views of the lower North Fork, the southern Whitefish Divide, and into Glacier National Park. The building style is a 41′ TT Flat top, built in 1967. There was a lookout there prior to this one, an L-4 building, built in 1935. It is staffed annually by Forest Service employees.  Click here for some panoramic photos from 1935 when the lookout was first built.

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