Daines focusing on sportsmen, outdoor issues

By | May 3, 2013

The Flathead Beacon reports that U.S. Rep. Steve Daines, amid a statewide tour looking at outdoors issues, continued his push Thursday to expand logging and said the recent debate on background checks has not altered his opposition to gun control. Daines, a Republican, said during an interview that he remains certain that Montanans are strongly opposed to any new gun control plans, such as last month’s failed proposal in the Senate to expand background checks. Daines was at the state Capitol on Thursday to participate in a National Day of Prayer ceremony.

Daines said he would like to see the state have more control over the management of federal land because more logging is needed. He is working on an idea for a pilot project that would let the state manage some federal land, similar to the way the state implements some other federal programs.

He is also still evaluating the proposal from Baucus to expand land conservation along the Rock Mountain Front. Daines said he found both strong support and strong opposition for the idea. Daines noted he has joined Baucus to back protections for the North Fork Flathead River watershed in northwest Montana along the Canadian border.

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