Comments requested for Moran Cyclone Proposed Timber Sale

By | July 4, 2013

The Montana Deparbnent of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC), Stillwater Unit, is proposing the Moran Cyclone Timber Sale Project. The project is in the initial stages of public involvement and project development for an environmental analysis. This proposal would harvest 4 to 6 million board feet (MMbf) of saw timber from approximately 2,600 acres of state trust land located approximately 25 miles north of Columbia Falls.  Download the details from here.  Please submit any comments or questions to Pete Evans, Management Forester, at or 406-881-2675.

This notice initiates a 30-day comment period, which provides the public an opportunity to become involved at the initial stage of the project. In addition, this document provides general information about the proposal and its objectives. If requested, another notice with greater detail will be sent once the project progresses and proposed harvest units have been further defined.

Comments and concerns you may have about harvesting timber and the associated activities, which include roadwork and site preparation, are welcome and will be considered during analysis and the design of the project. The comment period will remain open until August 2,2013.

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