Chucking Big Buggers for Big Browns

By | May 2, 2016

In this story featured in the Montana Outdoors May-June 2016 issue John Holt says… There are many methods for taking large trout with a fly. Some even work. In a vain quest for angling immortality, I have tried most techniques. Over the years my favorite, both in terms of success and fun, has been to use a Woolly Bugger. I’ve caught more big trout on this streamer than all other patterns combined (which may be partially a function of the amount of time I use it). I’m convinced the Woolly Bugger succeeds because it mimics so many foods that big trout eat: large stonefly nymphs, sculpins, dace, and crayfish. As it flutters and pulses or even just dead-drifts through a run or brushy bank, a Woolly Bugger looks like something a fish would want to devour. Read the full story here.

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