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Thanksgiving 2018 Update

By | December 14, 2018

Update: In his Hungry Horse News column this week, Larry points out that he accidentally left off Randy Kenyon and Donna Harrison in his Thanksgiving thank-yous for cooking one of the excellent turkeys served. Larry goes on to say “Donna and Randy have been active in the community for years and deserve to be recognized… Read More »

A Belated Thank You

By | December 14, 2018

A belated thank you You would think, as old as I am (81), that I would be wiser and make fewer mistakes. Not so. Just about the time I get a little smug, I stumble and blunder into a boo-boo. The latest, but not my biggest, blunder was my column about the recent Thanksgiving celebration… Read More »

FWP seeks comment on three wildlife proposals

By | December 14, 2018

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks :: FWP seeks comment on three wildlife proposals Public use rules for Wildlife Management Areas, Wildlife Habitat Protection Areas and Fish Conservation Areas are adopted by the commission on a biennial schedule. FWP recommended the commission retain the existing rules with one addition. A copy of the proposed rules with… Read More »