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Need a Favor

By | July 7, 2019

Here’s a note from Annie Konkler… Is anyone going into town this week with a large truck or trailer that could bring back a picnic table for us? It is near the airport. Will pay the gas or compensation. Thanks

Anyone need their septic pumped?

By | July 7, 2019

Here is a note from Janet Leigh… Anyone need their septic pumped? We contacted Ready Freddy, and they would be more willing to come up, and perhaps charge a little less for travel, if several people signed up for service. Contact them at 752-4552.

Thanks from Angie Agnew

By | December 23, 2018

Here’s a note from Angie Agnew… Thank you to our wonderful NF family for making my birthday the most fun and memorable I think I’ve had in years! I can’t think of any place else I would rather be than sharing it with you all! Thank you for the many cards, gifts, decorations, music and… Read More »

Need Your Piano Tuned?

By | December 21, 2018

Here’s a note from Pat Cole… I’m pursuing getting a piano tuner up here and have 2 pianos so far for him to tune. Is there anyone else who owns a piano and would like to get it tuned? I’ll gather estimates once we know how many pianos need tuning. You can contact Pat at

Help with Drilling a Well

By | November 26, 2018

Here’s a note from Diane Boyd … I’m looking to drill a well up at my Trail Creek cabin in summer 2019. Anybody else interested in drilling then to share transport time for the drillers? Which company do you recommend? I’ve heard of Billmeyer and Liberty. And I need a good water witch before the… Read More »

Need Firewood?

By | October 16, 2018

Here’s a message from Dave Silverstein… Firewood available, dry fire killed sub alpine fir Approximately 6 inch diameter, 8 foot lengths $125/cord delivered Contact Becky Braunig and she can get in touch with me.

Stop by the Merc

By | September 6, 2018

Here’s a note from Sue Evans… FYI. If anyone needs coasters stop by the Merc. They have a large variety of the cork backed coasters with local scenes and animals and have the Merc and huckleberry designs below for the tumbled tile coasters that I make by hand. I’ve included some other samples as well. I… Read More »