Bob Funk and the Wild and Scenic River

By | October 17, 2016

We recently posted an article from the New Yorker about the influence that Frank and John Craighead had on shaping current environmental attitudes for not only the West but the North Fork in particular. As a consequence, Ray Hart wrote us with the following message…

It is not well known today what an important part Bob Funk played in the securing of Wild and Scenic River status for the North Fork of the Flathead River.  (Bob and Micki’s cabin was/is the old School House immediately adjacent north of Ford Cabin  (which adjoins our own property to the south).  Bob volunteered and was appointed the NF representative to the commission headed by the Craigheads that formed  the recommendation and got it through  the state and national bureaucracy.  He spent endless hours on site with the Craighheads , in Helena, and in Washington.  Without the execution  of this Act, which was uniformly and strenuously opposed by the electrical power & development interests, the present North Fork would  be a total tourist trap  instead of the more of less limited paradise it is.  We all owe a great debt both to the Craigheads and to Bob Funk .  Internationally Bob was a famous scholar, but he was a hero locally too (and it was he who brought me and my family to that selfsame cabin in 1965 , to the country that is last best place on earth, which he and the Craigheads worked so hard to keep that way).

Finally, Morgan was also reminiscing about growing up on the North Fork in the ’60s when the Craigheads came to Sondreson Hall with a slide show of their photographs. He said that they were both beautiful and amazing.

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