Black Bear Euthanized at Abbot Bay Boat Ramp

By | June 19, 2015

Bears on the porchThe following is from the Flathead National Forest Public Affairs Director. We’ve heard it all before, but it won’t hurt to say it again… put away attractants at all times. Around your property, around a camp sight, just going for a walk on a trail. A bear’s live might depend on it.

On Saturday, June 13, a Forest Service employee working on the Hungry Horse Reservoir entered the Abbot Bay boat ramp area and observed large amounts of belongings and food scattered around.  The employee made contact with a group camped at the site who stated that a bear had gotten into an unattended cooler with food while they were away.  Dispersed camping is allowed at the boat ramp area.  After further investigation the employee also found that a bear had received food from another campsite that had also left items unattended.  The employee noted that the bear had broken into a converted bus at the boat ramp and removed numerous food and non-food items.

FWP and Forest Service rangers closed the boat ramp to public entry.  On Monday, June 15, Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) bear biologists captured the 110 pound, sub-adult black bear at the boat ramp.  The bear was euthanized after biologists determined that it had become habituated to receiving food rewards from campsites.

Please help prevent BEAR-HUMAN problems by following:

  • Never feed bears or leave food for them.
  • Keep tents and sleeping bags free of food odors; never store food in them.
  • Do not leave food or other attractants in packs or coolers around a camp overnight. Place food as well as trash in your vehicle or hang 10 feet above the ground and at least 4 feet away from the tree(s).  Bear resistant containers are also available.
  • Consider cooking and eating away from tent/sleeping areas.
  • Report all bear activity and sightings to the local authorities.

For additional information, contact the Hungry Horse-Glacier View Ranger Districts in Hungry Horse at 406-387-3800.

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One thought on “Black Bear Euthanized at Abbot Bay Boat Ramp

  1. Debo Powers

    So, the bear lost his life? What penalty did the humans receive for leaving food unattended? Who was really to blame for this unfortunate situation? Thanks for once again stating the responsibilities that we, humans, have while visiting and living in bear country.


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