Bike the Inside Road Polebridge to Apgar

By | May 24, 2014

Although the Inside Road south of Polebridge will not be opened for some time, Margaret and I biked the 30 miles from Polebridge to Apgar on Thursday while Mark ran it.  Although the road is open as far as Logging Ranger Station, it is gated from there on.   We lifted our bikes over about two dozen blow-downs between the gated sections and felt gratified that there were not more.  

After wading and pushing our bikes through ankle-deep water from Logging Creek just beyond the Ranger Station, we continued through beautiful country.  I was amazed by the huge Ponderosa Pines standing alongside the road in bright green grass.  We passed Sullivan’s Meadow and enjoyed the view of snow-covered Demer’s Ridge and Huckleberry Mountain.

Moving water has curved deeply into chunks of road by Anaconda Creek.  It is impassable by vehicle at this point.  We had to wade through some deep, fast-moving  sections of washed-away road pushing our bikes along.  We stopped in the sunshine on the bridge to wring out our soaked socks and take a snack break.

By far the hardest part of our journey is the climb out of the Anaconda drainage.  It is a long heart-pounding, breath-sucking ascent in the lowest gear that a mountain bike has.  This is followed by the descent into the Dutch Creek drainage and another shorter but steeper climb out of there.  Although there are up and downs after that, nothing seems very difficult in comparison.  The last five miles is all downhill ending at Fish Creek campground.  After biking along Fish Creek Trail, we reached Apgar (and ice cream) where we had left a vehicle.