Bike Ride over Center Mountain

By | July 9, 2013

Here’s a new hike report from Debo Powers…


On Monday, July 8, a group of us started a bike ride from the intersection of Moose Creek Road and the North Fork Road.  After riding a few miles up Moose Creek Road, we turned right onto Center Mountain Road.  We followed the road past where it is Kelly-humped and gated.  Although the alders crowded us in some places, there was plenty of room most of the way.  This bike path is not used very often and we had to lift our bikes over a few fallen trees.  What appalled us the most was the profusion of noxious weeds:  primarily yellow and orange hawkweed, oxeye daisy, and knapweed.  We ate lunch on an old bridge over Whale Creek close to the old road’s intersection with Whale Creek Road.  The day was beautiful with cool breezes and scattered clouds.  On the way back, we heard thunder and sped down Center Mountain in an attempt to outrun the rain.  However, we lost the race and were drenched by the time we returned to our vehicles laughing at how bedraggled we looked