Big storm on the North Fork

By | June 20, 2013

We’ve heard from several North Fork neighbors about the big storm last night.  Here are a few quotes:

I had 5/8 inches of rain and winds so strong that I counted the felling of 41 of my standing firewood (almost all, fire-killed snags).  Last night another 1/8 inch fell and now the rain has returned.  A neighbor lost a few live trees in what was one of the strongest wind storms I’ve experienced.  For a very short while I thought I heard the sound of a tornado, but this is highly unlikely.  A neighbor did see a quick shift/reversal in cloud movement.
Hale at Debo's house
Debo Powers wrote in …Big storm and large hail destroyed many North Fork gardens on Tuesday night.  Here’s a picture.

Life is never dull on the North Fork.  At least it’s stopped snowing, for the moment.

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