Bears relocated near the North Fork

By | June 8, 2018

Here’s a note from Tim Manley, Bear Specialist from FWP… Hi, I wanted to let you know that two subadult grizzly bears were translocated to the NFK drainage on June 5th. A 3 year old male captured in Conrad was released on the Coal Cr State Forest in Coal Cr. The second bear is a 2 year old male captured just NW of Columbia Falls. He was released on the Canadian border at Moose City. He has moved north into B.C. I will give an update at Sonderson Hall Sunday evening.

Tim is going to be giving a presentation “Grizzlies in YOUR Backyard” before the NFLA Business Meeting this coming Sunday evening (June 10th) starting at 7PM.  In addition, there will be “Wildlife in the North Fork” by Tim Thier, from MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks. General meeting 8pm. Bring a snack to share, and meet your neighbors! Larry Wilson, host.

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