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By | October 6, 2014

We’ve been getting all sorts of reports of grizzly and black bears being seen up and down the road.  Here are some photos from Allen Chrisman who has a motion activated trail camera set up near a popular bear scratch tree.  These are all grizzlies.


He says: What makes these photos interesting is that after no bear pictures since the end of June (and that three images of a black bear at night) I got 19 photos of 9 bears (six grizzlies plus three black bears) in a six day period – September 22 to 28.  And only two of the bears are using the rub tree – the others are just passing by.

Tim Manley, the bear expert from Fish, Wildlife and Parks, reports that he was up Trail Creek on Friday. A landowner called because he had an “aggressive grizzly with two cubs on a kill in his yard”. Tim went up there and Whale Creek female with her two cubs were on a deer carcass that was cached near his driveway. He chased her away and took what was left of the carcass and got rid of it. She should move on. He also said that “Chocolate legs” and a family group of black bear have been seen on Polebridge Bench.

Tim is asking that people make bears leave their property as quickly as possible if it can be done safely.  If there is a problem, however, give him a call at (406) 751-4584.  And please remove all attractants from the outdoor areas.  The North Fork has a great reputation for taking care of our bears, so let’s be extra vigilant during this very active period before they hibernate for the winter.

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