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By | June 14, 2013

We received the following North Fork bear report from FWP’s Tim Manley…

Patti Bear is still radio-collared as of the 6th of June. She does not have her cub from last year. We saw her alone late last fall and then again this spring when she came out of her den in Wedge Canyon. On the last flight she was observed with a large male. We don’t have any information about Betsy since she dropped her radio collar.

I would assume that Patti lost her cub last fall. It is pretty rare for a female to kick off her cub of the year. Being a first time mother, it isn’t that all that unusual for them to lose all or part of their first set of cubs. We had one female collared in the NFK that probably lost her first set of cubs when she crossed the NFK river in May during high water. She bred that spring had cubs the next spring and that year got them across the river without losing either one of them.

I have released 3 subadult grizzly bears near the BC border in the last month. One 3 year old male and two young females. I will fly within a week to see where they are.

A subadult male we put in Whale Creek last fall, went west to the Eureka area, then denned in the BC portion of the NFK. He then went to Kintla Lake and dropped his collar several weeks ago in BC, west of the NFK river. I had another subadult male that was in the Kintla Lake area in May.

There were two trend females collared in the Tepee Lake area. One is still collared and didn’t come out with cubs, and the other female dropped her radio collar several weeks ago in Whale Creek.

We will begin augmentation trapping to move two bears to the Cabinet Mtns, but will probably be in the lower portion of the Whitefish Range to start.

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