Be prepared for fire danger

By | July 3, 2018

Despite a wet spring, our more typical hot and dry summer is on the horizon for Montana, so campers, hikers and anglers need to be prepared to prevent wildfires statewide.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds everyone who plans to be outdoors to be cautious of fire danger on public and private lands.

“If you’re planning to hike, camp or fish, use caution this summer,” said Greg Lemon, FWP’s spokesman in Helena. “Above all, be careful with fire and be prepared to prevent wildfires.

• FWP offers these tips to help prevent wildfire:
• Carry in vehicles a shovel, bucket, axe and, if possible, a garden-type weed sprayer full of water.
• Restrict camping activities to designated camping areas and build campfires only in established, metal fire rings where permitted.
• Drive only on established roads. Take care to ensure that exhaust and emission systems are in good repair.
• Don’t stop or park vehicles over grass or brush.

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