Be careful of bears and other wildlife

By | June 27, 2014

FWP has several postings with some good advice:

Prevent Conflicts With Bears – Here are some tips from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks that will help in preparing for bear-safe outings this spring and summer.

Keep Backyards Bear Resistant – Bear activity is picking up in many Montana neighborhoods, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking residents to keep bear attractants contained.

Spare The Life Of A Young Wild Animal – Every spring FWP biologists, wardens and others observe how good intentions go wrong when young wildlife are picked-up and moved from their surroundings by well-meaning people. Remember this advice if you see newborn wild animals: “If you care, leave them there.” Do not move or attempt to feed newborn wildlife. Also keep dogs on leashes when recreating outdoors this time of year.

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