Backpacking in Glacier Park

By | September 9, 2014

On the trail to Gunsight PassThe fall weather was at its glorious best this past weekend when three of us took a 3-day backpacking trip into some of the most beautiful backcountry that Glacier National Park has to offer. Although we applied for permits in early April, we did not get our first choice for an itinerary. However, we could not have asked for more stunning scenery.

We caught the shuttle from Apgar Transit Station early in the morning to Logan Pass and over the Continental Divide to our trailhead at Jackson Overlook. From there, we hiked to Gunsight Lake and set up camp. Richard inflated the “pack raft” that he had carried in his backpack and used two ping pong paddles to propel the raft around the lake as he searched for the best fishing spots. He caught several trout and released them.

The following day, we packed up and hiked up to Gunsight Pass with spectacular views of Gunsight Lake along the way. At Gunsight Pass where we ate our lunch, we had to practically fight off the mountain goats.   The hike down to Lake Ellen Wilson offered breath-taking vistas and views of the emerald-colored lake. We claimed a lovely camping spot with a view of the lake. While Richard and Suzanne fished, I rested on the rocky beach in the warm sunshine. As the sun disappeared behind the mountains, we prepared dinner in the designated food preparation area under a huge boulder.

The third day, we hiked over Lincoln Pass and down to the Sperry Chalet where we enjoyed homemade pie before heading down to Lake McDonald to catch the shuttle back to Apgar. We all agreed that we had lucked into the best weather of the entire season and that we needed to repeat this adventure in another part of the Park next fall.  Although I spend most of my time hiking in the National Forest in order to avoid crowds of people, there is nothing as magnificent as the landscape in Glacier National Park.

Gunsight Lake as seen from trail to Gunsight Pass

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