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Patti Hart is the editor-in-chief and founder of the Patti lives on the North Fork during the summers and travels the world for the rest of the year, updating NFNews every day wherever there is an internet connection.

Dust Abatement Application

By | January 14, 2020

It’s that time of  year again when you have an opportunity to sign up for the Flathead County Road and Bridge Departments’ Dust Abatement program. Get all of the information and the application form by tapping here for a pdf. It says… We will only be applying the dust abatement for the footage that is… Read More »

Powers Announces Her Candidicy

By | January 9, 2020

Debo Powers has announced that she’s running for House District 3 seat this coming fall. Congratulations Debo! Follow Debo on her candidate Facebook page… And check out this story in the Hungry Horse News. Powers announces candidacy Print Article Democrat Debo Powers has announced her candidacy to run for the House District 3 seat.… Read More »

New Year’s Eve Party Reminder

By | December 31, 2019

Here is a note from the Heitz… Good afternoon, and almost Happy New Year!!  This is a quick reminder about the always-entertaining News Year Eve party held at Sondreson Community Hall, this Tuesday evening (only 2 days from now) beginning at 8 pm.   Everyone is invited – let’s ring in the New Year together!… Read More »

Last dance class before New Year’s Eve

By | December 27, 2019

Hello North Fork Dancers! Tomorrow night is your last dance class before New Year’s Eve…….time to brush up on waltz, two step, and swing so you’ll be ready to cut a rug at the big party!! Remember: The first hour is basic steps (for beginners) and second hour is for learning harder moves. No one… Read More »

Fourth Winter Dance Class

By | December 20, 2019

From Debo… Weekly dance classes continue at the Hall.  Now that the busy holiday social calendar has calmed down a bit, the dance class will be held this week on Friday, December 20 at 6:00.  The first hour is for total beginners and the second hour for beyond the basic steps of waltz, two step,… Read More »