As Forest Plan Infolds, a Mountain Bike-wilderness Debate Emerges

By | February 24, 2017

Taking in the view from a chair at Thoma Lookout in this file photo. There’s a significant debate on whether mountain biking should be allowed in the upper Whitefish Range, on trails like the one that go to Thoma.

The Hungry Horse News says… As the Flathead National Forest puts the finishing touches on a final Forest plan, one issue is rising to the forefront: Should bicycle use be allowed in areas that are recommended wilderness? Central to the debate is proposed wilderness in the North Fork. Under alternative B in the draft plan, there’s about 80,000 acres of recommended wilderness in the plan in the upper end of the Whitefish Range north of Red Meadow Creek. Recommended wilderness is generally managed as wilderness, but under alternative B, the plan would allow continued mountain bike use in the region. Read the full article here.

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