Another Gravel to Pavement Experience

By | February 2, 2016

Dick Pfaff is a good friend of the North Fork and NFNews, posting his exceptional photos taken during his time on the North Fork over the past several summers (see North Fork River Float Trip for example). He recently sent in this comment sharing his experience in a similar gravel to pavement situation…

Obviously I’m not a resident, but I visit life long friends and have acquired a number of new friends over the last few years. I’ve not been up the road in the winter so I have not experienced this specific road. But I did go through what this area is contemplating in Steamboat Springs Colorado. I lived on a ranch at 7,000ft on a gravel road. Being already at 7,000ft there was not a lot of incline in the road. It had rolling hills and led to a very popular state park which created a lot of traffic. So it had a lot of the characteristics of the North Fork Rd. In the summer we had dust like you probably did years ago back when they oiled it. Winter it wasn’t too bad as it was gravel & I had a 2wd truck with additional weight in the back.

Then they paved ! The dust went away, the speeds increased tremendously, and people were sliding off the road. I got a 4wd company truck and got embarrassed one day when I dropped the right side tires off the edge & couldn’t get back on the paved road.

I’m not making any suggestions just giving a bunch of nice people stuff to think about. Good Luck ! Sincerely, Dick Pfaff

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