NFNews.net is an independent newsite with the goal of providing everyone who loves the North Fork with information that they can use to make their time in paradise more enjoyable and productive.  Please feel free to share this site, send comments, and announcements you would like to share with your neighbors.

We are not the NFLA

There’s been some confusion lately between us and the NFLA website. We are not the North Fork Landowners Association. These are two independent web sites and although we point to the NFLA website often, especially for the social calendar, the NFLA Board of Directors have neither authority nor responsibility for what’s put on this website. Having said that, the NFLA has some great information so please go and visit them… www.nflandowners.com.

Letter from the Editor

North Fork News was born from a frustration of hearing all this great news about the North Fork and having no way to share it. So a group of us got together and started putting together ideas, taking advantage of hundreds of years of experience up here.

North Fork News is an odd bird, however. Although our goal is to provide a community service, we’re not a formal non-profit organization or anything like that. Just individuals who love the North Fork and the people who live and visit here.

So the postings, views, notices … everything on the website … is our own personal opinion. We hope to get it mostly right and ask for help towards that end. However we reserve the exclusive right to add or subtract from the site. After all, it was our idea.

Having said that, I apologize in advance for any information we get wrong. And let me know what you think. I’m ready to take advantage of all the good ideas that might come our way.

Patti Hart

You can contact us using our contact form (click here to get there).  If you send information for posting and don’t mind having your name printed in the paper (i.e., attribution), let us know. We omit the names of our contributors for privacy reasons, but if you don’t mind having your name out there we would like to give credit where credit is due.