A Special Thank You for our Trails

By | October 11, 2014

We received the following from Frank Vitale and couldn’t agree with him more.  We wish to extend a big thank you to the MCC crew, the Forest Service, Frank, and everyone involved for all of their hard work maintaining the trails in our Montana home.  And a special thank you to Darin Fisher, the trails manager at the Flathead National Forest, for pursuing and obtaining the RAC money to pay for this project.

Tuchuck MountainTuchuck Mountain has been getting a lot of attention lately. I thought it important to at least give a big thanks to the 7-person MCC (Montana Conservation Corps) crew that made the new restored tread work possible.

Clifford Kipp, Regional Supervisor for the MCC Northern Rockies, put out a call for pack support and on August 25th myself and two partners along with 10 mules packed tools, food and supplies to a camp just below the saddle in the small meadow to the north. The crew did a great job on the trail and also cleared out the avalanche debris below the saddle to the creek bottom. A week later we packed them out.

But most important is that these trails don’t take care of themselves. A lot of man hours are involved and a lot of dedicated folks clear and maintain them.

For me personally, I had the good opportunity to have packed for a number of youth groups this summer, MCC being one of them. Many of these young folks come from different parts of the country and after a week in the wilderness, the smiles on their faces are what keeps me going back to help. No amount of money can buy the experiences these young people get. I believe it will have a huge influence in their lives. So give them a big thanks.

Happy trails

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