4th of July Parade with Frank Vitali

By | July 10, 2015

Frank VitaliEach year Polebridge Montana hosts a 4th of July parade where locals make up “floats” and entertain their neighbors as well as other folks from The Valley. And each year Frank Vitali brings his mules to participate in the parade. Hauling mules up the North Fork Road from the valley is a lot of work, but one time North Fork resident Vitali still has plenty of friends around Polebridge and is generous enough to keep up this tradition for awhile.

Frank and his mules have also played an important role over the years in the maintenance of many of our local trails in the Whitefish Range. This is a great service for all of those who love to hike these mountains.

So we wanted to say a special thanks to Frank and let him know how much we appreciate his sharing these beautiful animals with us this year on the 4th of July. We love  you Frank!

Frank Vitali's mulesHere’s a fun video showing off Frank’s mules in the 2015 parade.

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