4th of July Parade in Polebridge 2017

By | July 7, 2017

Polebridge 4th of July Parade 2017The 4th of July Parade in Polebridge for 2017 was exceptional in every way. The weather was perfect, there was an enthusiastic but well-behaved crowd, and plenty of entertainment in the form of floats, a vintage plane, a juggler, a magician, a bagpipe, an accordion, and much, much more.

Following are some photos take before, during, and after the parade.

Before we begin, though, NFNews would like to apologize in advance for getting names incorrect or leaving out names. Fill in a comment below with any corrections and we’ll get them fixed!

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Early morning on the 4th in Polebridge was kind of quiet. Folks had come early to get good positions along the parade route, most happily eating wonderful pastries that they had bought earlier from the Polebridge Mercantile.

The ground crew arrived and under the direction of Masters of Ceremony John O’Hara, began setting up the judges stand and preparing for the reading of the Declaration of Independence. The folks who were going to be in the parade were busy getting their costumes together and making last minute adjustments to their floats.

The crowds grew along with the red, white, and blue everywhere.

At 11:30AM, North Fork veterans gathered at the parade epicenter and recited the complete Declaration of Independence, organized each year by Ray Brown. This is a wonderful way to begin any 4th of July Celebration.

After the reading was completed, the judges climbed the ladder and took their seats on the platform raised high above the heads of the crowd. Let the parade begin.

The Glacier National Park folks joined in.

The folks from Glacier National Park

The oh so cute Miss Polebridge of 2038

The oh so cute Miss Polebridge of 2038

The Kawasaki Crew celebrating the 4th with a squirt gun

The Kawasaki Crew

The Polebridge Bubble Bath by the Hales was so cute and a real crowd pleaser.

The Polebridge Bubble Bath

The Redneck Bus Tour made everyone laugh.

The Redneck Bus Tour

The folks in the green truck had the right spirit.

The folks in the green truck

Jan and Alice's vintage car is always a favorite

Jan and Alice’s vintage car

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Two TRex. Yep.

Two TRex. Yep.

Everyone came to the parade.

Everyone came to the parade.

Bagpipe, juggler on unicycle, wonderful crowd

Bagpipes and juggler on unicycle

Start of the Backwoodz Sanitashun Departmint float

Backwoodz Sanitashun Departmint

The band the Bus Driver Tour had a float. They were wonderful and had everyones toes tapping.

The Bus Driver Tour

We were all glad to see John Frederick in the parade.

We were all glad to see John in the parade

John Frederick

Right in the middle of the parade, the crowd was buzzed by this awesome vintage plane.

And at the break between when the parade went up the road and came back down again, the crowd was entertained by master magician Dan Jimmerson, Bob and his accordion, as well and Allen and Ms. Polebridge of 2017 gathering donations for our trails.

And the winners? Well, everyone was a winner. Each float showed hard work, dedication, and love for the North Fork. But, here’s what the judges decided:

  • First Place – to the Backwoodz Sanitashun Departmint brought to you by the ladies of the North Fork
  • Second Place – to the Polebridge Bubble Bath brought to you by the Hales
  • Third Place – to the Redneck Bus Tour brought to you by Home Ranch Bottoms

Well, that’s it until next year. We’ll end up our report with some more photos taken throughout the event. Please enjoy and have a wonderful North Fork summer.

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