2018 Licenses Are On Sale

By | February 13, 2018

2018 licenses will go on sale on Monday, February 12th. This will include online, all license providers and FWP offices.

Important information for 2018:

– Archery licenses are no longer required prior to application for archery only districts, but we will notify them after they are drawn of the archery license requirement.

– The archery affidavit will no longer be available. Hunters will have to show proof of having a prior years archery license or of completing archery safety prior to purchasing an archery license.

– All categories of nonresident combination licenses will offer all three types of general combination licenses (Big Game Combo, Elk Combo and Deer Combo) including Home to Hunt, Nonresident Relative of a Resident (Native), Youth Sponsored and College Student.

There are several hunting topics that will be discussed and finalized during the commission meeting on Feb. 15th. To view the agenda visit http://bit.ly/2nQVDdi. Regulations will be available online March 1.

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