Interlocal and FireWise Day

By | July 8, 2013

Here is a message from Don Sullivan, President of the North Fork Compact who is hosting the Interlocal this summer…  This is to remind you of the North Fork Interlocal at the Community Hall on Wednesday, July 10, starting at 1PM.  Please keep presentations to ten minutes except for the U.S. Forest Service which has too much happening to fit into that short of a time. The Intelocal is preceded by a potluck lunch at noon.

Don also reminds us that the Annual FireWise Day Workshop is from 9:30AM – noon on that same day.  This marks the 10th anniversary of the Wedge Canyon Fire and the 25th anniversary of the Red Bench Fire. The workshop will look to the future of wildfire on the North Fork and is hosted by Molly Shepherd.


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