Calendar Reminders

There are some interesting events on the calendar this week that you’re not going to want to miss:

Tomorrow, Thursday August 21, is a Community River Float from Coal Creek to Great Northern. Meet at Coal Creek. Bring a lunch. Contact Carol and Dennis Groebe at for more information. This trip is subject to being cancelled in case of bad weather or dangerous conditions of the river. Participants must have all appropriate safety gear and go at their own risk.  Get more information about that here.

Friday, August 22, is an Internet on the North Fork talk. Come learn the vocabulary you need to understand and the questions you need to ask in order to make a good choice for your satellite internet provider on the North Fork. Patti Hart will explain the fundamentals of satellite internet, explain the potential pitfalls, and answer questions. Where: Sondreson Hall. Time: 4PM.  Get more information about that here.

Saturday, August 23 from 10AM to 3PM, is the Bear Fair in Polebridge.  Get more information about that here.

Go Jump in a Lake

The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center at Glacier National Park is hosting a brown-bag luncheon on Thursday, August 21 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the park’s community building in West Glacier. Marc Ankenbauer will share information about his accomplishment to jump in every named lake in Glacier National Park. The program is free and open to the public. Continue reading

Inside North Fork Road Partially Open

The Inside North Fork Road is open between Fish Creek and Camas Creek, and from Polebridge to the Logging Creek Trailhead; however, the middle section between Logging Creek Trailhead and Camus Creek will remain closed for the duration of the season. Hikers and bikers may utilize the entirety of the Inside North Fork Road, but they may encounter downed trees in the section closed to motorized traffic. Continue reading

Backpacking in the Beartooth Wilderness

Debo in the BeartoothCovered by jagged boulders, pockmarked with a plethora of lakes, and adorned with a profusion of wildflowers, the Beartooth Plateau is profoundly beautiful. It is also some of the most wild and rugged terrain that can be imagined.   Last week, I learned that backpacking in the Beartooth Wilderness is not for wimps! Traveling off-trail while carrying a heavy backpack with camping gear and seven days of food over a boulder-strewn landscape is hard work……and worth every moment of it. Although there were times when every step could result in a twisted ankle or a broken leg, there were other times that were so awe-inspiring that it was a truly spiritual experience.

Beartooth range

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BBQ Ribs on Monday?

BBQ ribs from Home Ranch BottomsThe NFNews Team stopped by Home Ranch Bottoms yesterday on the way back from town and found BBQ ribs on the menu.  What’s up with that?  We thought ribs were only available on Friday nights.  Angie and Shawn explained that the ribs were so popular that they had started cooking extra on Fridays and then serving them up throughout the rest of the week as long as they lasted.

Angie and Shaw Agnew from Home Ranch Bottoms

Angie and Shawn, owners of Home Ranch Bottoms store and saloon

The ribs were some of the best we’ve ever tasted. The cole slaw, potato salad, and Texas pinto beans were tasty as well.  Unfortunately, we had no room left for some very nice looking pie.

So if you’re thinking of stepping out to eat early in the week, remember that there could well be ribs on the menu at Home Ranch Bottoms!

Here’s a Google Map that will give you directions on how to get there.

Weed of the Week – Spotted Knapweed: UPDATE

Spotted Knapweed

UPDATE:  We tried herbicide last week and the results weren’t all that satisfactory.  The heads of the weeds drooped, but you could tell that the entire plant had not been killed.  Here’s what a  weed expert said about that:

Spraying now probably wouldn’t be every effective (the plants are spending all their energy on seed production and wouldn’t pull the poison into the roots), but AFTER the first hard frost spraying can be very effective for about a two week window. It can also help hit the seed bank.

So although hand pulling and bagging will work right now (see more information below), spraying with herbicides probably will not.

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To Keep and Bear Arms

The Flathead Beacon reports that the list of reasons to carry a gun in Glacier National Park is a short one, and may have been exhausted in the span of a few weeks this summer. In separate incidents on July 26 and again on Aug. 10, two firearms were discharged within park boundaries – the first by a hiker shooting at what he reported to be a charging bear that was undeterred by a blast of pepper spray, and the second in an effort to summon help for an injured hiker on Mount Siyeh.  Read the full story here.

Internet on the North Fork Seminar

So you think that you might want to get internet for your little cabin in the woods, but have discovered that it’s not as simple as hooking up to a provider in town.  There are all sorts of issues that crop up that you never had to worry about before: What is a FAP?  How much power will all of this equipment require? Why is it so terribly slow? Can I use it for a telephone? Continue reading

Tenkara fly-fishing

The Missoulian reports that probably every angler who ever picked up a fly rod has looked at a perfect hole beneath overhanging vegetation and asked: “How am I going to get a fly in there?” Many may shake their heads and wade downstream for more open waters, but a few have turned to an old idea to bring a new philosophy to fly-fishing. Called Tenkara fly-fishing, a primitive approach is used for the technique and equipment: with only a rod with a line attached to the tip and a fly dangling on the end. Tenkara requires no reel and only a willingness to think outside conventional fly-fishing.  Read the full story here.