Update on a North Fork Bear

Dale Dramstad wrote… The Minnesota bow hunters who were using my cabin sent a short video of the bear which was forwarded to Tim Manley.  This is Tim’s response.

That is a three year old male grizzly that I captured in May just north of Whale Creek. He was hanging around in Ray Harts yard and ignoring people. He hasn’t gotten into anything and I’m glad he moved away when he knew people were there. When I first captured him, I yelled at him from 30 feet away and he just sat down and looked at me.

He has traveled quite a bit since May. We released him onsite and since then he has been mostly along the NFK river, but has been as far south as Sullivan Meadow in Glacier Park…to about 8 miles north of the BC border. He has been east to Numa and west to the Whitefish Divide. Last I knew he was just north of Trail Creek.

Annual flu shot clinic on Oct.4

The Flathead City-County Health Department will be holding their annual flu shot clinic on Oct.4 from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. in the Flathead County Fairgrounds-Expo Building. Additional services include a drive-up vaccine service to accommodate people with special needs or those unable to leave their vehicles.  Pneumonia as well as the Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) immunizations will also be offered at the clinic.

Royalty in the Canadian Rockies

From the Flathead Living Magazine

From the Flathead Living Magazine

The Flathead Living magazine has a story that begins… On any given morning, but especially during the transition from late summer to early autumn, sunlight appears to descend the high craggy peaks encircling Upper Waterton Lake and pause for a moment of reverence, illuminating the emerald green waters and majesty of the surrounding mountains. Inevitably and unmistakably, amid this solemn procession, the golden glow settles its gaze on the Prince of Wales Hotel, accentuating the historic landmark perched alone on a bluff overlooking the deepest lake in the Canadian Rockies. Read the full story here.

One more reminder about the food drive

Don’t forget to bring your food items for donation to charity to tomorrow nights NFLA Business Meeting. The meeting is at Sondreson Community Hall and begins at 8PM.

Acceptable donations include non-perishable commercially canned goods, dried foods such as rice, pasta, beans and any packaged food items not requiring refrigeration. Of particular interest is baby food. Another popular item is pancake syrup.

Items that are not acceptable include those that have been opened, are not in their original container, or are damaged in any way. Unfortunately, home canned goods are also considered unacceptable. However, items whose expiration date has passed are acceptable as long as they are not more than two years out of date.

Tax deductible contributions in the form of a check made payable to the Columbia Falls Food Bank are also welcomed.

If you had intended to bring food and are thinking to yourself… “Oh yea, I almost forgot,” then set that food next to the door so the you don’t forget tomorrow night. If you’re not coming to the meeting, find a friend or neighbor who is and be sure and send your food items with them.

Fall open burn season begins Saturday

The Daily Inter Lake reports that fall open burning season for Flathead County and northern Lake County begins Saturday, Oct. 1 and extends through Nov. 30. Wildland fire managers recommend being careful while burning this fall, as warm and dry conditions are predicted for this week and cured grasses will still ignite readily. Read the full story here.

Get more information about the upcoming open burning season from the DNRC Website.

Prescribed burns, lingering wildfire bring hazy skies

The Daily Inter Lake reports that prescribed burns on public forestlands and some smoke activity from the Copper King Fire east of Thompson Falls are likely responsible for the hazy skies in the Flathead Valley over the past couple days. That said, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s air censor in Columbia Falls has continued to register low levels of air pollutants. Department air quality meteorologist Kristin Martin added that the smoke will likely settle down as a low-pressure system enters the region this weekend.


Park campgrounds catering to cyclists

From the Daily Inter Lake

From the Daily Inter Lake

The Daily Inter Lake  reports that visitation to the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park has broken records by nearly every available metric this summer, and state officials say there’s been a corresponding uptick in long-distance bicyclists pedaling through the Crown of the Continent. “Both Montana State Parks and the Department of Commerce are involved in state tourism and recreation, and we both observed the rising popularity in bicycle travel to Montana and within Montana,” regional state parks manager Dave Landstrom said. Read the full story here.