The Jane Goodall of Wolves

Diane Boyd, pictured at Lone Pine State Park on Feb. 13, 2017. Greg Lindstrom | Flathead Beacon

The Flathead Beacon has a wonderful article about our good friend and North Fork neighbor Diane Boyd. It begins… In 1979, Diane Boyd left her native Minnesota and headed west to begin tracking the first radio-collared gray wolf from Canada to recolonize the Western U.S., where humans had effectively eliminated the species by the 1930s through hunting, poisoning and habitat loss. Boyd, a 24-year-old wildlife biology graduate student at University of Montana, was fueled by optimistic idealism and boundless energy. When she pulled up to her new home, deep in northwestern Montana’s rugged North Fork Flathead River valley, it was apparent she would need both. Read the full article here.

Glacier Park Plows Start up on East Side

Plow operations on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Courtesy National Park Service

The Flathead Beacon reports that the coming of spring brings a symphony of sound to Northwest Montana, be it the songs of birds returning north or the chorus of a babbling brook released from the icy hold of winter. But perhaps the most telling sound is the anthem of plow trucks being revved up to clear Glacier National Park’s iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road. Read the full story here.

2017 SuperTag chances are on sale now

Montana’s SuperTag chances for the hunt of a lifetime are on sale.

Hunters can win the SuperTag drawing by purchasing one or more $5 SuperTag chances for the fall 2017 hunting season.

Eight SuperTag hunt licenses are offered—moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, elk, deer, antelope, mountain lion and bison. Winners may hunt any district open to the species for which they won a tag.

SuperTags are available at all FWP offices, license providers, or online at Click “Montana’s SuperTag.” SuperTags can be purchased using FWP’s online licensing service. A 2017 conservation license is needed to purchase a SuperTag.

Proceeds from SuperTag sales go to enhance hunting access and enforcement.

Be Bear Aware as Bears Emerge from Dens

Grizzly and black bears are emerging from dens, based on radio collar locations, track reports, and observations.  Biologists say that males tend to emerge earlier than females; with the warming weather and increasing day length, more bears will be emerging in the coming weeks.  As grizzly and black bears emerge, they will be moving to lower elevations to take advantage of the green-up of vegetation. Continue reading

Avalanche Danger Set to Moderate

The Flathead Avalanche Center has set the avalanche danger in our area to Moderate and says… Moderate to strong winds over the past 36 hours formed fresh wind slabs at upper elevations. In locations these slabs were deposited onto a crust and all wind loaded terrain should be evaluated before committing to a slope. Periods of sun today will weaken the snow surface on sunny aspects creating a loose wet avalanche problem. The avalanche danger is MODERATE above 6000′ on wind loaded terrain and the danger will rise to MODERATE on sunny aspects above 5000′. Get the full report here and please be careful out there!

Proposal Defines Hunting and Fishing as a “Right”

The Daily Inter Lake reports that a proposed amendment to the Montana Constitution, explicitly recognizing the rights of the state’s citizens to hunt, fish and trap, is scheduled for its first vote before the state Senate on Monday. Recalling the expensive electoral battle waged over last year’s failed ballot initiative to ban trapping on public lands, the bill would place the proposed amendment on the 2018 general election ballot. Read the full story here.