Beets, Three Ways

We love beets and thought that these recipes from the Three Forks Grill in ColumbiaFalls published in the Flathead Living magazine looked good.  Check them out here. We also recently visited the new Three Forks deli that’s open for lunch and until 6PM. We enjoyed both their salads and sandwiches, so check it out next time you need to get a bite to eat while you’re in town.

Pesticide training – March 26

The Montana State University Pesticide Education Program will hold a six-hour training session on March 26 in Kalispell to cover integrated pest management, pesticide movement in the environment, pesticide safety and toxicity, pesticide law, calibrating ground spray equipment, understanding the private applicator license, and reading/understanding pesticide product labels. Cost ranges from $10 to $25, depending on whether attendees want to earn their private applicator license. For more details, pre-registration information and complete agendas, visit online at or contact Cecil Tharp at 406-994-5067 or

Loud at the Library – March 19

The sixth annual Loud at the Library fundraiser will be held at the ImagineIF library in Kalispell on Thursday, March 19, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sponsored by the ImagineIF Library Foundation to support ImagineIF Libraries, the evening will feature live music by the Can’t Hardly Playboys, appetizers, beer and wine, raffle baskets and a silent auction. Tickets are $30 with $20 tax deductible, available in the business office at ImagineIF Kalispell. For more information, call 758-5821.

ImagineIF is a wonderful valley resource that we use almost every day. If you can support the library by attending this fundraiser, please do so.

Small Landowners Weed Workshop – March 4 & 11 – REMINDER

Weed RoundupOur good neighbor and master weed wrangler Val Cox sent some information that says if you own 5-50 acres of land and want to learn the basics of weed management, then here is your opportunity. Flathead National Forest, CHS, and others are sponsoring workshops at the FCC campus, Arts & Technology Building on March 4 and March 11.

The March 4 focus is on weed identification, plant physiology and non-chemical control options. The March 11 focus is on chemical labels, calibrating equipment, weed law and safety.  For more information, call the Flathead Conservation District at 406-752-4220 or see their Weed Workshop flyer.  These weed workshops are free and open to the public.

Val says that since there won’t be a weed roundup this year, this workshop is a great opportunity to get tuned up for fighting weeds.

Upper Big Hole moose die-offs puzzle researchers

The Missoulian reports that lab results are inconclusive as to the cause of six moose deaths in the Upper Big Hole Valley since 2013. But research continues to isolate the cause. “The mortalities were happening in late summer and early fall when the moose are usually fat and happy,” Nick DeCesare, state research biologist, told The Montana Standard this week. Read the full story here.

The Lords are looking for caretaking opportunities

For those of you that met us, we are Keith & Linda Lord. We worked with Shawn & Angie last summer at Home Ranch Bottoms. We have been invited back to help Shawn & Angie this summer which we gladly accepted and looking forward to.

We are both retired Professional Firefighters from Orange County (Orlando) Florida, both with 28 years of service. We are looking to relocate to Montana and have a lot of interest in the Polebridge area. We understand from time to time there are home owners that look for someone to be caretakers for their home during the winter months. We both have extensive construction knowledge, have owned, built & remodeled several homes. There are not too many items we cannot repair as I have back ground in electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, building construction & so on. We are open to full back ground checks, neither of us have ever been arrested and are not drug users.

Please contact us at our place in North Georgia if the think we may fit the bill to take care of your home!
Home 706-632-2009
Cell 407-982-6832

We will arrive at Home Ranch Bottoms around the 1st of June and it would be our pleasure to meet you & talk.

Thank you
Keith & Linda Lord

Open burning starts today

Open burning starts today and goes through April 30th.

Open Burning Means…

You must call the Air Quality Hotline at 751-8144 or visit this web site the day you are planning to burn to determine if there are any restrictions on burning due to air quality. These restrictions are updated daily.

As long as there are no restrictions, you may burn “agricultural debris” and/or “wild land debris” without a permit. Agricultural debris include: debris created from farming, ranching, and gardening. Wild land debris includes: natural accumulations of needles, grasses, shrubs, limbs and trees. Unnatural accumulations of fuel that are the result of land management activities such as land clearing and timber harvesting.

For more information including a list of permitted materials, see the Flathead City-County Health Department Environmental Health web page.

How an Adverse Supreme Court Ruling Would Send Obamacare Into a Tailspin

The New York Times says even if you don’t receive Obamacare subsidies, you could still be harmed by the Supreme Court case that could take them away. A court ruling for the plaintiffs in the case, King v. Burwell, would have wide-reaching effects for the individual insurance markets in around three dozen states. The approximately six million people currently receiving subsidies in those states would be hit hard, of course. But so could the millions who now buy their own insurance without subsidies. The results could be surging prices and reduced choice for health insurance shoppers across the income spectrum. Read the full story here and how it could effect all Montanans who have health insurance.